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Superior Court Filing Fees - For Maricopa County

As a result of changes in the 2017 legislative session, some Maricopa County Superior Court fees will increase on August 9, 2017. The new fees will apply to all services provided on and after August 9, 2017.

Documents submitted for filing that are received by the Clerk's office (file counter, by mail, or through a filing depository box) on or before August 8 will be subject to the current fees. Documents received for filing on and after August 9 will be subject to the new fees.

Resultando de la sesión legislativa de 2017, algunas de las tarifas del Tribunal Superior del Condado de Maricopa aumentaran el 9 de agosto de 2017. Las nuevas tarifas se aplicaran a todos los servicios prestados en y después del 9 de agosto de 2017.

Documentos presentados al Secretario del Tribunal (por el contador, correo, o caja de depósito) en o antes del 8 de agosto estarán sujetos a las tarifas vigentes. Documentos presentados el 9 de agosto y después estarán sujetos a las nuevas tarifas.

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