Update Regarding COVID-19

Please take a few minutes to read an alert from the Clerk's Office regarding the coronavirus outbreak and potential impact to services. View Alert.


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In Response to COVID-19: Where possible, those who seek to file documents with the courts are encouraged to electronically file (in eFile-applicable case types), use external filing depository boxes, or to mail their filings.

You can file documents with the Clerk of the Superior Court online, by mail or at one of our filing counter locations. Please note: Clerks are committed to assisting you in Superior Court. To ensure fairness, clerks do not give legal advice. eFiling is currently only available for Maricopa County Superior Court cases as indicated below:

  • Criminal cases
  • Family Court cases
  • Juvenile delinquency cases

Please note: At this time, only post-initiation documents can be eFiled in Maricopa County Superior Court cases (e.g. Notices, Motions, Responses, Replies, etc.). Documents such as initial complaints and service documents may not be eFiled.

EFiling in civil and tax cases via a Supreme Court authorized eFiling service provider is mandatory for attorneys pursuant to Arizona Supreme Court Administrative Order 2018-81. Self-represented litigants involved in civil and tax cases are allowed to eFile pleadings via a Supreme Court authorized eFiling service provider or they may file their pleadings conventionally on paper.

You can visit eFilingOnline to efile or visit one of our filing counters to file documents on site.

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