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Media Inquiries

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Making Requests

Jessica FotinosAll media inquires for public records are handled in the Communications Division. The Clerk of Court Public Information Officer, Jessica Fotinos, fields all media inquiries. Jessica also handles many public records requests and most requests for case-related information. To make a request, please email your request and it will be processed within 10 business days. 

 If you are seeking public information that is more complex or is not case-related, please use the Public Records Request form. 

When emailing for case-related details, please include the following details in your request: 

  • Case number
  • Name of the document requested
  • Story deadline, if applicable

Please note that all requests are subject to copy fees and research fees. You can learn more about the process for getting copies of records and associated fees on our Obtaining Records page. 

Media Resources

Court Records

If you are seeking court records, please note that the Clerk of the Court maintains Maricopa County Superior Court records only - we do NOT maintain records for Justice or Municipal Courts. You can also check other sources of public records by using the online docket tool


For additional details on obtaining court records, like transcripts and images, please see our Records and Court-Related Requests Media Guide. To view additional media guides, please visit the Media Guides page. 


To protect the security of the evidence, exhibits are not available to the public until a trial ends. Sealed exhibits are determined by law and court order and require further court order to make available for viewing or reproduction. Please review the Access to Superior Court Exhibits guide for additional information.