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Exhibits Submission

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Instructions for Submitting Exhibits

NOTE: Please follow the exhibit submittal orders of the Judicial Officer which may be included in the order and/or minute entry setting your trial/evidentiary hearing.  If the orders indicate the ability to submit exhibits electronically, follow the instructions included on this page.  If there are no orders regarding exhibit submittal contact the Judicial Officer’s division for clarification.


Exhibits submitted after 5:00 p.m. will not be processed until the next business day. If the hearing is scheduled early the next business day, the exhibits may not be available for use by the hearing time. You must submit a copy of all exhibits submitted to the Court to the opposing party by the number of business days identified in the order setting the matter. Be sure to email your exhibits to the appropriate court facility, as listed below. 


1. Please download and complete the Exhibits Coversheet. The Exhibits Coversheet must be completed and submitted as the top page of your exhibits. This applies to both emailed and hand-delivered exhibits.
2. Each exhibit must be numbered (i.e., Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2, etc.), and a Divider Sheet must be placed between each exhibit. If exhibits are NOT separated, they will be combined as one (1) exhibit.
3. Please note that any media-type exhibits (i.e., flash drives, CDs, etc.) cannot be pre-marked at this time. You may bring these items with you at the time of your hearing but it is at the discretion of the Judicial Officer if these items will be considered.
4. If you do not have the ability to send exhibits by one of the above methods, exhibits can also be hand-delivered to the COC file counters at Northeast Regional Court, Southeast Regional Court, Northwest Regional Court, and Downtown at Central Court Building (for FC, PB, CV and criminal case types). Follow directions upon arrival.


Please see the FAQs document for additional specifics on exhibit document submission. 

Submission Email Addresses

All Criminal Exhibits   COCCRSExhibits-Criminal@Maricopa.Gov

Non-Criminal Exhibits Downtown
(Family, Civil, Tax, Probate/Mental Health)

Non-Criminal Exhibits Northeast Regional Court
(Family, Civil, Probate)
Non-Criminal Exhibits Northwest Regional Court
(Family, Probate)
Non-Criminal Exhibits Southeast Regional Court
(Family, Civil, Probate/Mental Health)