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Frequently Asked Questions

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Income Withholding for Employers

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  • What if I do not withhold the money or send the payment to the Clearinghouse?

  • The employee just came back to work after being gone for 2 weeks. Do I have to catch up on payments for the time that he did not work?

  • I just received the Income Withholding Order for a new employee. The employee said the $96 yearly support handling fee was mailed by his previous employer. Do I still have to mail the fee?

  • Should I withhold support from severance pay?

  • I received an Income Withholding Order signed by the Judge / Clerk. When do I start withholding payments?

  • I received an Ex Parte (Without Notice) Income Withholding Order. When do I start withholding payments?

  • Does an Administrative Income Withholding Order need to be signed?

  • Where do I send the payments?

  • Can I combine the deductions I make for all my employees into one check?

  • What information do I need to indicate on the payment?

  • How soon do I need to remit the payment after withholding the monies from the employee's earnings?

  • Is the $8.00 monthly fee included in the support amount stated on the income withholding order?

  • What if I have multiple Income Withholding Orders with the same case number?

  • Do I have to honor an income withholding order from another state?

  • What if I have Income Withholding Orders with different case numbers but for the same employee?

  • What should I do if my employee tells me the amount on the income withholding order is wrong or that I should not honor the income withholding order for any other reason?

  • What do I do if an employee already had income withholding orders and deducting the amount of this income withholding order will make the total amount of deductions over 50%?

  • What if the person named in the Income Withholding Order does not work for my company?

  • Should the company name of the employer / payor of funds appear on the income withholding order?

  • Does the income withholding order stop automatically after the emancipation of all of the children who were included in the court order and upon full payment of arrears / judgments, if any?

  • What do I do if the Income Withholding Order requires payments at intervals that do not coincide with my pay periods?

  • My child support order covers two or more children and one of my children is emancipating, what can I do?

  • What should I do if the Clerk/Clearinghouse returns payments?

  • All of my children are 18 and have graduated from high school, the child support payments were to stop, but they are still taking money out of my check. What can I do?

  • How do I know when to stop withholding payments?

  • Is there anything I have to do when an employee with an Income Withholding Order no longer works for me?

  • One of my children is disabled and nearing 18 years of age, what can I do to ensure support continues for this child?