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Criminal Financial Obligations

Court ordered restitution is paid to victims of a crime pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes 13-801/807. A Presentence Investigation Report writer prepares a restitution ledger for the court, providing victim address information and the recommended amounts of restitution.

The Criminal Financial Obligations (CFO) Unit is responsible for entering victim address information into an automated financial system from the restitution ledger. Restitution ledgers are not filed into the court record; all victim address information is maintained as confidential.

The CFO Unit processes payments paid on criminal cases, funds are allocated and disbursed according to the Court’s order. Restitution checks carry a reminder to the victim to update their address information with the Clerk’s Office. It is imperative that current victim address information be on file to assure payments are promptly forwarded to the recipient.

Each year thousands of dollars fail to reach the intended recipient because of inaccurate address information. The Clerk’s office conducts an exhaustive search to locate victims where payments have been returned due to a bad address.

After a specified time pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes 44-301/312 relating to unclaimed property, any funds remaining unclaimed by victims are transferred to the Arizona Department of Revenue.

For questions regarding restitution or to submit an address change form, please email or call (602) 37-CLERK, or (602) 372-5375.