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Trust/Bond Matters

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There are many situations where the Court may order parties to a case to deposit funds to be held in trust by the Clerk of Court. These funds include criminal bail bonds, non-criminal bond/trust funds and probate funds. The funds are processed by the Accounting Division of the Clerk of Court's Office.

Before bond/trust funds are accepted, an order from the Court must be on file stating the funds should be deposited with the Clerk's Office.

Accepted Form of Payment

The Clerk requires guaranteed forms of payment for bond/Trust funds. Guaranteed payment for criminal:

  • Cash
  • Wire transfers
  • Cashier checks (within 90-days from purchase date and not altered in any way)

Payment methods for non-criminal bond/trust funds: 

  • Cash
  • Wire transfers 
  • Cashier checks (within 90-days from purchase date and not altered in any way)
  • Local Attorney Trust Fund checks (checks must state trust account in the commercially pre-printed check information). 

A non-refundable Trust handling fee of $30.00 will be charged pursuant to ARS 12-284(E) each time a non-criminal bond is paid.  

**Note** Court orders directing the Clerk to accept alternative forms of payments in lieu of those outlined above will be reviewed to ensure compliance is maintained; if amended orders are required it may cause a delay in processing.

Payments made by a Wire Transfer, a Bond Wire Form or Bond Forfeiture Wire Form will need to be completed and submitted to for processing. The forms contain sufficient information to initiate a wire from your account into the Clerk’s account.  Please ensure the completed form is promptly submitted to our office.  If the form is not received there is a chance the wire will be rejected.

**Note** Wire transfers will only be accepted for individuals who are in custody in Maricopa County. Transfers made for individuals in custody outside of Maricopa County may be rejected and returned to sender.

Additional Bond Details

Criminal Bonds
Property Bonds
Release of Funds
Affidavits of Assignments
Stop Payments
Address Changes

More Information

Additional Information regarding the deposit, release or to update your address, please email or call (602) 37-CLERK, or (602) 372-5375.